Bucharest – Oxford Workshop in Applied Ethics

We are grateful to the Society for Applied Philosophy, the Oxford Martin School, the Uehiro Foundation for Ethics and Education, and the University of Bucharest for their generous support for this workshop.


1 December 2014
Oxford Martin School, Seminar Room 1

09:00 Conference Opens with Tea and Coffee

09:15     Welcome and Introduction to the Event – Valentin Muresan, (CCEA, University of Bucharest) and Julian Savulescu (OUC, University of Oxford)

Session 1: Principles and Practice in Applied Ethics. Chaired by Ingmar Persson

09:30     Mircea Dumitru  (Rector, University of Bucharest) – What does ‘applied’ mean in ‘applied ethics’?

10:00     Owen Schaefer (OUC, University of Oxford) – Procedural Moral Enhancement

10:30     Valentin Muresan & Cosmin Bordea (CCEA, University of Bucharest) – How to measure the efficiency of an ethical code? The ethical scorecard

11:00     Refreshments. Tea and Coffee will be provided

Session 2: Enhancement. Chaired by Dumitru Mircea

11:15     Emilian Mihailov (CCEA, University of Bucharest, Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch) – The ethics of doping in chess

11:45    Thomas Douglas (OUC, University of Oxford) – Enhancement & Desert

12:15  Emanuel Socaciu (CCEA, University of Bucharest) – How drug patents might provide disincentives for moral bioenhancement.


Session 3: Neuroethics. Chaired by Roger Crisp

13:45     Hannah Maslen (Oxford Martin School and OUC, University of Oxford ) – How should we assess the benefits of cognitive enhancement devices?

14:15      Julian Savulescu (OUC, University of Oxford) and Ingmar Persson – Objections to Moral Enhancement

14:45    Constantin Vica (CCEA, University of Bucharest, Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch) – Taking care and being careful: ethical challenges for care robots

15:15     Dominic Wilkinson (OUC, University of Oxford) – Water, everywhere. Ethical dilemmas in the treatment of severe neonatal hydrocephalus

Closing Address

15:45     Mircea Dumitru (Rector), University of Bucharest and Roger Crisp (Faculty of Philosophy)

16:00 Break before Uehiro Lectures Start at 16:30


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