Animal Ethics Workshop with Christine Korsgaard

We are grateful to the Wellcome Trust, the Society for Applied Philosophy, the Oxford Martin School, the Uehiro Foundation for Ethics and Education, and the University of Bucharest for their generous support for this workshop.

Professor Christine Korsgaard (Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University) will visit Oxford, December 1 -3, for a series of 3 lectures, “The Moral and Legal Standing of Animals”, where she will also seek to discuss our resulting moral obligations towards them. The “Animal Ethics Workshop” brings together a group of philosophers, ethicists, lawyers, veterinarians, and those working in research ethics policy and ethics management to discuss the moral and legal standing of non- human animals as it relates to practice, particularly in medical research and research ethics. Participants will attend the lectures, and on the third day will convene to give short prepared responses to Korsgaard’s lectures, followed by open discussion facilitated by Dominic Wilkinson. Christine Korsgaard will give a brief response to the commentators. The second part of the event will consist of discussions around any practical implications for research ethics practice.


3 December 2014
Oxford Martin School, Seminar Room 1

Facilitator: Dr. Dominic Wilkinson

13:00. Opening summary – Christine Korsgaard (Harvard University)

13:10. Response – Jeff McMahan (University of Oxford)

13:20. Response – Cecile Fabre (University of Oxford)

13:30. Response – Alison Hills (University of Oxford)

13:40. Response – Mark Sheehan (University of Oxford)

13:50. Response – Valentin Muresan & Emilian Mihailov (University of Bucharest)

14:00. Response – Caroline Bergman (University of Oxford)

14:10. Response – James Yeates (RSPCA)

14:20     Refreshment Break

14:40. Response to Commentators  – Christine Korsgaard (Harvard University)

15:00     Open Discussion and Drawing Up of Recommendations

16:00. End of workshop

Participants are invited to a Drinks Reception following the close of the workshop

17:00. Lecture begins


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