Regândirea eutanasiei voluntare

FEBRUARIE 27, 2014; orele 18.00.
Regândirea eutanasiei voluntare
Invitat: Sorin Costreie
Critic: Emilian Mihailov
Moderator: Valentin Muresaşan

Our goal is to explicate the way, and the extent to which, euthanasia can be voluntary from both the perspective of the patient and the perspective of the health care providers involved in the patient’s care. More significantly, we aim to challenge the way in which those engaged in ongoing philosophical debates regarding the morality of euthanasia draw distinctions between voluntary, involuntary, and nonvoluntary euthanasia on the grounds that drawing the distinctions in the traditional manner (1) fails to reflect what is important from the patient’s perspective and (2) fails to reflect the significance of health care providers’ interests, including their autonomy and integrity.