Atribuirea responsabilității în organizații

NOIEMBRIE 19, 2015, orele 18.00
Atribuirea responsabilității în organizații
Lector: Mihaela Constantinescu (CCEA)
Critic: Valentin Mureșan (CCEA)

The poor development of research concerning practical implications of moral responsibility ascriptions for corporate outcomes (Phillips, 1995), conjoined with abundant conceptual research on the moral status of corporations, finally creates a gap between academia and corporate reality. Recent corporate scandals such as BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Volkswagen Group violation of vehicle emissions standards or FIFA officials indicted for wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering, keep bringing under close scrutiny the difference between theory and practice when it comes to corporate ethics. Of course, academic research is not meant to solve all the puzzles of organizational moral life, but it can nonetheless make its findings more accessible to the corporate world through a more focused approach on practical implications of moral responsibility ascriptions.
This paper makes a step forward in the discussions around ascriptions of responsibility by systemizing approaches on corporate moral responsibility advanced so far in the business ethics literature, position various scholars within a graph that depicts these approaches, and then use it to develop a four-layer framework for ascriptions of responsibility in corporate settings. In order to make the connection between theory and practice, we further back up this conceptual framework with empirical cases taken from the media that help us understand how to assess corporate wrongdoing. We finally advance the concept of stratified moral responsibility, meaning that attributions of responsibility for corporate outcomes should be pictured as multi-layered, different patterns of practical corporate behavior requiring us to rely on a specific layer of moral responsibility. Finally, we provide several ‘rules of thumb’ that aid sound judgment when it comes to ascribing moral responsibility in corporate settings.

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